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Curriculum vitae of Manfred Zimmermann

Manfred Zimmermann was born in the State of Bavaria, Germany in 1933.


    Education and training in physics and neurophysiology at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

    1959 Diploma in Physics
    1965 Promotion to Dr.-Ing.
    1969 Promotion to Dr.med. habil.

Professional Career

    1973 Professor of Medical Physiology at the University of Heidelberg

    1971-1999 Head of the Department of Central Nervous System Physiology at Heidelberg University

    Visiting Professor at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (1973), the University of Siena, Italy (1985) and Tongji Medical University,  Wuhan, China (1983 and 1992)

    Since 1999 founder and director of the Neuroscience and Pain Research Institute, Heidelberg, Germany

Research and Publications

    Principal research interest is on neuronal mechanisms of pain and pain inhibition in CNS, with a focus on neuropathic pain following nervous system injury. Recent emphasis is on the cell biology of stimulation-transcription coupling, gene expression and apoptosis in the nervous system, which all are steps towards long term modification of neuronal function and  thus mechanism of chronic pain.

    850 publications in internationally distributed scientific journals, mostly in the field of pain.


    Since 1971 Contributions to German Textbooks of Physiology and Educational Films in Physiology and Pain Research and Treatment (translations into English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese)

    1984 Editor (with Herrmann Handwerker) and author of the first German textbook on pain: "Schmerz - Konzepte und ärztliches Handeln", Springer-Verlag, published also in Italian (1988)

Awards and Honorary Degrees

    1978 Pischinger-Award by Austrian Acupuncture Society, Vienna, Austria

    1985 René-Leriche-Award by Academy for Neural Therapy, Speyer, Germany

    1988 and 2003 Honorary Award by Schmerztherapeutisches Kolloquium, Frankfurt, Germany

    1996 Rudolf Frey Award by Pain Society, Bremen, Germany

    1998 Bayer Career Award, Milano, Italy

    1994 Dott. med. et chir. honoris causa at the University of Siena, Italy

Scientific Societies

    1973 Founding member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

    1981-1987 Member of IASP Council

    1978-1990 Chairman of IASP Committee for Ethical Issues in Pain Research, developed Guidelines for the ethical conduct of  research on animals

    1975 Founding Member of the German Speaking Pain Society (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Chapter of IASP

    1984-1996 President of IASP‘s German Chapter, Deutsche Gesellschaft zum Studium des Schmerzes

    1993 Founding Member of EFIC, the European Federation of IASP Chapters

    1996-1999 President of EFIC, the European Federation of IASP Chapters

    Honorary Member of the German, Austrian, Romanian and Chinese Pain Societies (the national Chapters of the IASP)

    1997 Honorary Member of the Slovak Medical Association

    1984-1987 Chairman of the Local Arrangements Committee of 5th World Congress on Pain 1987 in Hamburg, Germany, the triannual congress of IASP

Editorial Responsibilities

    Since 1975 Editor-in-Chief of Neuroscience Letters (Elsevier)

    1975-1987 Member of the Editorial Board of IASP’s international scientific journal Pain (Elsevier)

    Since 1987 Editor of Der Schmerz (Springer), from 1987 to 1992 Editor-in-Chief

    1987-2000 Member of the Editorial Board of The Clinical Journal of Pain (Raven Press)

    Since 2000 Member of the Editorial Board of Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (Shanghai)

Health Politics

    1986 Author (with Hanne Seemann) of an investigation into the national situation of pain research and therapy on behalf of the German Federal Government, Springer-Verlag

    1987 Initiator of a national programme of clinical pain research set up by the German Federal Minister for Research

    1996 Initiator of Medical Speciality “Pain Therapy” in Germany


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